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Geno Group Limited

Pumpgatan 1, Uni3, 41755 Gothenburg, Sweden


White Paper on The Adaption of Enterprise Blockchain Solutions and Tokenomics in Managing Electric Mobility Systems

This white paper and its implementation represent an important step in applying Web 3 powered Direct-to-Customer (W3-D2C) technology to support sustainable business growth.

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Research Report 

"Based on Geno's observations, the existing ecosystem is technically prepared to adopt new Web 3 solutions, necessitating a re-engineering of business processes and a realignment of business partnerships among all stakeholders. The primary challenges no longer lie in technological readiness or regulatory constraints but rather in the mindset required to embrace this new world with a fresh new vision of leadership."

Traceability Solution with GenoChain

"GENO, leveraging its technological edge and accumulated industry experience, has developed a blockchain traceability platform that can track the movement of materials throughout the entire industry chain, including mining, manufacturing, and transportation. By verifying the data relationship between upstream and downstream of the supply chain through smart contracts, it not only prevents data falsification but also creates end-to-end supply chain visibility. This helps users build a transparent and sustainable supply chain system that meets the regulatory requirements for supply chain traceability and supports the sustainable development strategy of enterprises. "

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